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Plastered Wall

System Wall heating and cooling

The SystemWall is a complete system, which consists of wall materials,
VarioProFile piping and plaster and allows optimal heat transfer.
This system can be used with the lowest possible heating water
temperature, saving energy every moment in operation

Platered Wall

wall materials
VarioProFile piping

Structure (21mm)

1. VarioBar 16/100
2. Fastening with nail anchors
3. VarioProFile pipe 16 x 2mm
4. Eco heating plaster for SWHK2
5. Plaster lattice
6. Final plaster (provided by customer)

Live and enjoy your comfort

Heating and cooling systems in one
Complete system which combines all components optimally
Best possible heat transfer & maximum functionality are guaranteed
High-performance wall heating with tight pipe spacing
Neat pipe laying accuracy due to VarioBar system



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