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Project 01 - Waterfall A
280 sqm underfloor heating on two floors. 50mm high density polystyrene under the piping with 70mm screed on top. Wireless room sensors monitored and set via app or PC. Bathrooms with additional wall heaing to ensure higher temperatures and reduce losses through the walls. A 1000L tank supplied by a 14 kW single phase Mitsubishi Inverter heat pump. 40 L/ min fresh water module. Additional pool heating in summer.
Project 02 - Midstream A
190 sqare meter underfloor heating with water based wall hung fan coil units for forced air-flow cooling in summer. Wired room sensors monitored and set via app or PC. Complete building automation with wireless light switches. Rainwater harvesting with drinking water treatment. Warm water ring feed and cold water distribution. 500L solar heated buffer with backup from a 14 kW heat pump and an additional electrical element. 5 kW photovoltaic with backup batteries to supply electricity to the building.
Project 03 - Eagle Canyon A
350 square meter underfloor heating with additional wall heating in bathrooms. Wired sensor network. Warm water, cold water and rainwater distribution on four floors. 6500L under ground rainwater tank connected to all toilets inside the building. Three underfloor heating manifolds controlled by a home automation system supply heated water from two three phase Mitsubishi Inverter heat pumps.
Project 04 - Waterfall B    
Warm water and cold water distribution in insulated multi layer composite piping inside the upper floor slab throughout the building. The warm water is layed out as a ring to ensure instant hot water at the tap. 260 square meter underfloor heating with two manifolds distributing the heating medium water efficiently into the respective zones. Temperature control via mobile devices. Additional wall heating in areas with wooden floors as well as in bathrooms. Wall edge insulation strip to ensure a floating screed.
500L storage tank with 40 L/ min fresh water module to produce the hot water for the building. The module also pre-heats the warm water ring feed. 1 x 5.25 kWp photovoltaic inverter with 1 x 4.6 kVA battery inverter to charge and discharge a 14.8 kWh battery pack for daily self-consumption and backup during outages. 5.2kWp photovoltaic collector array, consisting of 20 x 260Wp polycrystalline panels, mounted on IBR roof sheets facing north.
Project 05 - Monaghan Farm A    
12.5 square meter high performance solar collector array collecting heat throughout the day. A 1000L storage tank receives the heat from the array. A water based fireplace, a 14 kW heat pump and an electrcial element act as additional heat sources. The underfloor piping receives warm water mainly from the heat pump. The solar controller monitors the state of the tank and switches the connected heat sources according to their availability and and the demand. A 30 L/ min fresh water module supplies warm water to the building.
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