Optimax-Industrial Filter external

Suitable for pedestrian loading
For roof surfaces up to 1,500 m²! External filter to clean the rainwater in large plants.

  • For roof surfaces up to 1500sqm
  • Patented filter technology for smooth installation at depths from 800 - 1200 mm (31.5 - 47.2") using the telescopic dome shaft
  • Low maintenance as the filter is self-cleaning
  • Over 95% water yield
  • Vehicle loading
  • Cover has child-proof closure
  • Sealed up to the earth's surface
  • Low offset height (200mm) between inlet and outlet
  • Maximum roof surface of 750sqm with connections DN 150 and 1500sqm with DN 200

Optimax Industrial Filter external, suitable for pedestrian loading

order no.Ø max. (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
340035 850 920 37
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