Room Comfort Sensor Air

The must-have for optimum indoor climate in your own four walls: the indoor climate sensor. Precisely measures temperature and humidity - and passes this information on to the Smart Home for perfect room climate around the clock.
  • accurately measures temperature and humidity
  • choose between free-standing or wall-mounted
  • must-have for optimized room climate
  • 100% developed for the Loxone Smart Home
  • installation and commissioning in record time
  • timeless, simple design

The must-have product for smart home control

In our homes, a comfortable temperature combined with good air quality – collectively known as room climate – has a significant influence on our well-being. If temperature, humidity, and air quality are not at optimal levels it can affect our health.

With the Room Comfort Sensor, the Loxone Smart Home can automatically measure room climate levels – temperature, humidity, CO2. It reacts to these levels and adjusts your environment, ensuring that the climate is each room in your home is just right. Every second of the day.

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