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Music Server

The new Loxone Music Server is the first multiroom audio system that has been developed specifically for use in Smart Homes.
  • Full integration with the Loxone Smart Home
  • Use it for a variety of functions including a smart doorbell, alarm clock and burglar alarm sounder
  • Enjoy music in every room, from a variety of sources
  • Compatible with Spotify, Google Play Music and TuneIn
  • Even more zones via network streaming
  • Text-to-speech functionality
  • Store up to 250,000 songs
  • Available for 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 zones
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Sound the alarm

Smart home security is even smarter with the Loxone Music Server. Having this piece of kit in your customers’ home means they can be alerted to a potential break-in, water leak or smoke. This is done by playing a dedicated alarm sound at a notable volume on all speakers setup as multiroom audio zones.

Rise and shine

In a Real Smart Home, your customers are softly woken from their slumber. This is thanks to several features working in harmony – including the blinds gradually opening to let the sunshine in and their favourite get-up-and-go playlist being faded in to start the day just right.

Smart doorbell

In a Real Smart Home with the Loxone Music Server, you’ll be able to offer your customers smart doorbell functionality too. When someone is at the door, you can set it up that the Music Server plays a doorbell sound throughout the house. Of course, if there are little ones having their afternoon nap then the doorbell can be muted in those zones so as not to disturb them.


Again, despite the name, the Loxone Music Server is about more than just music. Your customers could even have the option to receive an audible reminder or notification, like if the garage door is still open after sunset. With the text-to-speech function, a predefined sentence can be triggered to play as soon as an event occurs. When it comes to what kind of event, then that’s up to your customer. It would be good to use this feature for events where it would be best to be informed about something as soon as possible.

Multiroom Audio

It might be a given but we had to of course list the multiroom audio functionality of the Loxone Music Server too. Being able to listen to different music in different rooms as part of a holistic smart home solution is still a noteworthy feature after all.
Expandable with network zones
Offering flexibility. The Loxone Music Server supports third-party speaker types which support the streaming standard *UPnP or DLNA. This allows for wireless speakers to also be controlled by the Loxone Music Server.
Stream music wirelessly with AirPlay
Time to get the party started! Send music from your AirPlay-enabled devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac) straight to the Loxone MusicServer. With AirPlay you also have access to an unlimited number of music services from the AppStore. With services such as AirParrot, AirPlay is also possible with Windows devices.
Energy-saving power management

Black on the outside, green on the inside! The Loxone Music Server is designed to run efficiently and save energy:

Deep Sleep mode

Once the music has been deactivated, the Music Server goes into deep sleep mode. The advantages? Less than 1 watt of energy used, plus a quick reboot time of under 30 seconds.

Automatic power handling

The Loxone Music Server makes sure that the amplifier is using energy efficiently. If music is no longer being played in any of the rooms or zones, the amplifier is automatically switched off.

Streamlined setup with Loxone Config

Your Loxone Partner will integrate the Loxone Music Server into your Smart Home, linking up the Music Server to the network. The automatic configuration in Loxone Config takes care of creating the music zones. Then all that’s left to do is to open the Loxone app and start playing your music.

Full control with the Loxone app

With Loxone, you’ll be able to control what’s playing all around the house with just one app. You’ll have an overview of what’s playing and make individual adjustments at any time. Whether it’s changing the volume, skipping songs, choosing a new playlist, scrolling through albums, playing your personal favourite from your library or queueing up a new chart topper – it can all be done in one app.

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