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Klaro E Professional one-tank system

Suitable for pedestrian loading

The GRAF SBR wastewater treatment system Klaro E Professional works according to the principle of SBR lifting technology. No live parts need to be installed in the tank. All movement processes are performed by three air lift pumps, which are operated using a compressor. The compressor also provides the plate ventilator on the bottom of the SBR reservoir with air. The compressor and all other technical components are low maintenance offer power failure recognition and stored in a switch cabinet, which can be installed in the plant room of the house.

  • 15-year warranty on sewage reservoirs
  • 3-year warranty on technology
No live technology in the reservoir

The GRAF SBR wastewater treatment system Klaro E Professional does not need consistent integration of live technology in the tank. All movement processes are performed by an air compressor, which is built into the Klaro E Professional system control. The distribution of air in the individual pump processes is realised via the control. The air compressor is very durable and whisper-quiet.

Flexible, as expandable

The SBR wastewater treatment system Klaro E Professional can be flexibly adjusted to changing conditions by altering the cycle times. The system can also be switched to holiday mode. The aeration automatically adjusts to the load with the convenience package.

Simple installation

The air pressure hoses of the reservoir and the corresponding connections to the system control are colour-coded. This avoids installation errors. Already fitted to the carrier system at the factory, the whole system just needs to be fitted to the baffle of the reservoir. Thanks to the Klaro E Professional carrier system, the purifying technology is extremely fast to install (one-reservoir system).

Low maintenance

The compact switch cabinet for system control with air compressor and valve unit is installed in the plant room of the house and requires little maintenance. The LCD display shows the operating hours of the individual devices. Any power failure is indicated with a visual and audio alarm. All components installed in the switch cabinet are arranged in such a way that they can be exchanged very easily. This modular design saves a lot of time and, therefore, money on any maintenance or repair work.

  • order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Total volume (l)
    On request 2080 1556 2010 140 2700
  • order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Total volume (l)
    370438 2280 1755 2200 175 3750
  • order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Total volume (l)
    370439 2280 1985 2430 220 4800
  • order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Total volume (l)
    370440 2390 2190 2710 265 6500
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