Solar Systems


Off-Grid Smart PV System

  • Immediate AC conversion for less distribution losses
  • Additional AC sources can be connected for backup
  • Single phase and three-phase configurations
  • Intelligent battery management for max. battery life
  • Extreme overload capacity
  • Modular system technology to ensure growth
  • Complete off-grid management
  • MPP tracking - optimum performance and maximum yield
  • Monitoring of production and usage
  • Live view of all parameters in Sunny Portal
  • Possibility of switching loads
  • Remote visualisation and control of consumption

SMA Sunny Boy

  • Maximum efficieny of 97%
  • Two MPP Trackers
  • Anit-theft Protection
  • Nearly silent operation

SMA Sunny Island

  • Battery Management 
  • Load and Energy Management
  • Generator support
  • Extended support

SMA Energy Meter

  • Measurement of PV production and Electricity purchase
  • Visualisation of measurements online in Sunny portal

Hoppecke Battery Rack

  • Maximum cycle stability 
  • 19.2 kWh storage capacity
  • Sealed Gel technology

SMA Sunny Home Manager

  • Control centre for smart energy management
  • Live PV system monitoring 
  • Sealed Gel technology
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Load control via wireless sockets
  • Production forcast with load prioritisation 
  • Optimisation of self-consumption
  • Battery charging at the ideal time

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Kyasol is a proud member of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) as well as the South African Energy Efficiency Council (SAEE).

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