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Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water  
Now solar energy is affordable for everyone!
Solar hot water production: simple, comfortable
and suitable for any household size.

Efficient Hot Water Technology

High efficiency  
Solar hot water pays for itself! You save money from the very first day, which means the system pays for itself quickly. Let the sun pay your bill.

Designed for easy retrofitting
Simple retrofitting without major installation costs. Easy intergration into pre-existing systems and ideal for renovations

Up to 25% less CO2

With the HOT Set, you can make your contribution to the environment.
In comparison with hot water and heating production using a conventional
oil heating system, you can curb CO2 emissions by up to 25% using
the HOT Set.
co2 emissions
Solar Hot Water Schematics

HOT 504

Number of people 4 - 6
Number of collectors 4
Collector area [m²] 9,2/10
Tank size in litres 500L
Solar station with controller SST25
Expansion tank, incl. cap valve, TP valve 35L/¾"
Antifreeze 10L

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