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Solar Thermal Accessories

ALPIN Easy | Fresh Water Station | Heating Circuit Group | Solar Station | Stratified Charging Station


ALPIN Easy  
The new ALPIN Easy collection stands out with its outsanding
performance and beautiful design. Its sophistifcated technology
enables it to be used with all mounting types, from rooftop mounting
and in-roof mounting all the way to facade mounting. Easy Click
connector technology consistently shortens mounting times.

Optimal use of surface area ensures heightened performance
Meander absorbers allow for various connection options
Fields can be expanded up to 10 (8) collectors without requiring
expansion bends
Anodised aluminium frame provides an elegant appearance
4 connections
equilateral diagonal connectors  


Gross surface area 2,51m²
Absorber surface area 2,3m²
Opening surface area 2,35m²
Dimensions 2150 x 1170 x 83mm
Empty weight 42kg
Volume 1,7L
Absorber coating highly selective
Absorber material Aluminium absorber with
copper pipe 18mm
Connections 4 quick ¾" connectors
Cover 3,2mm ESG solar safety glass
Collector body Aluminium frame with
C0 anodised coating
Min/max. mounting angle 15°/90°
Wind and snow load 150km/h / 690kg
45° row spacing 5,50m / 3,30m
30° row spacing 3,80m / 2,30m

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Fresh Water Station FWS

Fresh Water Station FWS
Instant hygienic hot water without
temperature fluctuations.

Quick and space-saving installation
Hygenic hot water
Consistent hot water temperature
Maximum energy use; practically maintenance-free
FWS30plus with optimised heat transfer, which is
Suitable to be used in combination with a heat pump
No legionella formation
FWS icon
Dimensions (w x h x d) 400 x 820 x 290mm
Nominal width DN 20
Weight 20kg
delivery 30L/min
Domestice water operating pressure 10 bar
Heating 3 bar
Charging pump HU25/6-1
Circulation pump LAING ECOCIRC E1

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Heating Circuit Group HKGE

Heating Circuit Group HKGE
For low and high temperature heating circuits.
Sophisticated technology for maximum
efficiency with simple mixer settings.

Ajustable constant return mixing valve
Intergrated gravity brake
Intergrated sensor sleeve
Universal fit for various heating controllers
HKGE icon

With Wilo-Stratos high-efficiency pump

-90% CO2
energy cost savings of up to 90% with unique
4 watt ECM technology
Extremely convenient: thanks to automatic bleeding
Automatic adjustment:
with thermostatic valves, reduction of flow noise
Operating pressure max. 3 bar
medium temp max. 95°C
Heat output HKGNT/E - 9kW at t 10K
HKGHT/E - 16kW at t 20K
Gravity brake 2 x 20 mbar in FL/RL
Pump/E Wilo Stratos PARA

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Solar Station SST

Solar Station SST
The fully insulated solar station with integrated
double-circuit solar controller ensures minimum
installation costs thanks to its direct connection
to the tank. The circuits with speed control,
high-quality components and hydralic security
equipment facilitate optimum control of the
solar circuit in line with the cutting edge technology.

Energy savings of up to 30% due to teh CEO pump
No unnecessaty piping or installation costs
Controller at eye level
Double security with 2 gravity brakes
SST icon
  SST 25 SSTE25
Nominal pump size DN15 DN20
Pump ST15/6-3 ECO ST15/6-3
Operating temp. max. (flor/return) 140°C/120°C
Gravity Brake 2 x 20 mbar 1 x 40 mbar
Flow indicator 1 - 10L/min
Controller STRG C (2-loop) -

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Stratified Charging Station SLS

Stratified Charging Station SLS
The stratified charging station SLS50 is used
to provide optimal satisfaction of solar energy
in a stratified tank. Using a generously proportioned
heat exchanger and optimally harmonised
components, the solar yield can be harnessed to
the best extent possible.

Maximum system efficiency for collector surface
areas of 15 - 50m²
Optimal hot water comfort via priority charging
Ideal for solar heating support
SST icon
Nominal width DN20
Dimensions 773 x 485 x 375mm
Weight 23kg
Pumps HU25-6/HU25-4
Max. operating temperature 95°C
Speed Control via pahse angel
Controller STRG BX PLUS
Diagrams 31 + 12 on SD card

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