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Hygienic Buffer Tank

HygieniK buffer tank  
The Hygienik buffer tank is a 2-in-1 layer thermal storage system:
in the upper section, hot water is available for heating the drinking
water. The separate lower section contains the buffer storage tank for
low-temperature space heating.

The tank needs to be combined with a heat source, such as heat pumps,
gas heaters or water heating fireplaces. In a special modified version of
the tank it can additionally be combined with a solar thermal system.

Endless possibilities open up, how to squeeze the highest energy efficiency
out of a heating system.

Hygienic and fresh hot water for your wellbeing

Hot water refreshes you, when you take your morning shower and relaxes you, when you take a hot
bath after a long day. Hot water symbolises purity, but that can be a misconception.

All sorts of germs can accumulate in conventional hot water tanks. For more than 20 years, the
Hygienik fresh water system from the IDM power family has set its own standards in hygiene:
fresh water heating on demand, with large-area stainless steel heat exchangers, provides clean,
healthy water for your home.

You will soon see: with the Hygienik buffer storage tank with fresh water technology, taking a
shower will become one of your family's favourite pastimes.
Conventional hot water tank:
Here, the hot water stands in the tank
for long periods of time. Sludge and dirt
accumulate at the base of the tank
– the ideal breeding ground for germs.

IDM Hygienik buffer storage tank:
Hot water is only heated when you actually need it. The only water in the storage tank is for heating purposes. This means that your hot water for domestic use, such as shower and cleaning is always fresh.

The Hygienik service provides fresh hot water in
seconds. Only the actual amount of water required
is heated, without storing any hot water. This
prevents the formation of microorganisms such as
Legionellae and other bacteria. It is good to know
that the hot water you enjoy is clean.

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