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Heat Pumps

Soil | Water | Air

Comfortably warm

The TERRA heat pumps heat large areas through various floor or wall heating systems. Rooms are
kept comfortably warm at all times, using low temperature heat exchange in large surfaces.

Natural and clean

These modern heat pumps work on site without emissions. No soot, no smoke, no wood dust can
impair the air. If the heat pump is operated using environmentally friendly energy (e.g. hydrogen,
photovoltaics), the process of energy acquisition is entirely emissions-free and CO2-neutral.

In this way, we can contribute to a greener planet and natural resources will still be available
for us to use in the future.

Extreme savings

Heat and energy from nature are available to you free of charge – a benefit that really pays off:
4 x environmental energy + 1 x electrical energy = 5 x heat energy.

Heat source - Soil

Ground source probes

A low temperature glycol- water mix circulates through the ground probes up to 100 metres deep.
Constant ground temperatures around 19°C ensure enough geothermal heat, no matter what time
of the day, no matter what season. The heat is absorbed by the glycol- water mix and transported
back to the TERRA heat pump unit, which then stores this heat energy in the HYGIENIK buffer tank.

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Heat source - Water

Ground water is pumped from a well via a submersible pump. Heat is extracted and the cooled water returns back to the ground via a discharge well.

Because of its constant temperature, ground water is an ideal source of heat throughout the year and enables the TERRA heat pump to run under highest possible efficiency.

For a heating capacity of 10kW, approximately 1800 litres per hour of ground water is pumped.

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  Heat source water

Heat source - Air

A glycol- water mix is circulated through an external air heat exchanger. The air cools down by several degrees, giving off its heat to the glycol mix.

The glycol mix in turn transports the heat to the TERRA heat pump, situated inside the building.

The heat pump absorbs and elevates it to a higher temperature and stores it into the HYGIENIK buffer tank.

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Air source

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