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Aquatic 750

Energy for life

Aquatic Fireplace

This fireplace design combines the cast iron heater tradition of modern
hot-air fireplaces with a green energy heat recovery, by harvesting the
heat of the flue gas, in order to heat up the water in a geyser or buffer
tank for shower and space heating, thus reducing the electricity bill.

This is possible due to an embedded heat exchanger, where the water
flows through, as the flue gas is quitting the burning chamber.

The firebox is closed by a glass cast iron door, so it is possible to heat
without the risks associated with an open fire. The ceramics and the
glass are supplied by leading manufacturers and are guaranteed to
function safely.

These fireplaces are made either as a vertically sliding or side-opening unit.
The cast iron is protected by a heat resistant matt paint. The fireplaces
are equipped with a manual combustion air regulation valve.

Create the ultimate center piece for your house and home.

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How it works

How it works Conventional fireplaces waste huge amounts of
heat energy, which is carried away by flue gases
through the chimney. These losses amount to
up to 2/3 of the nominal heating capacity of
the fireplace.

An internal heat exchanger mounted in the flue
gas stream absorbs the heat energy contained
in those hot flue gases, by water circulating
through it. The water flows back to a buffer tank,
which functions as an energy storage.

From the buffer tank the water can be circulated
into a water based under floor heating system,
being able to heat up to 250 m2 of space in a
building or produce hot water on demand for
domestic use, such as shower and cleaning.

 Technical Specifications

1 Smoke flue bell mouth
2 Deflector
3 Vermiculite deflector
4 Control of air suction regulation for combustion
5 Glass (double glazing)
6 Grate
7 Exchanger
8 Coolant loop
9 Fire-bricks
10 Insulation
11 Barrier
12 Ash tray
13 Stand
14 External air input
15 Frame

Safety water heat exchanger To avoid overheating of the fireplace after the buffer tank is saturated  
Front glass cleaning technology A permanent fresh air stream reduces the build-up of soot on the inside of the glass  
Front glass two-way opening technology Slides up by means of a pulley and counterweight mechanism  
  Opens sideways for cleaning purposes  
Smooth system integration Can be combined with any water based central heating system  
Technical Specificatiions
Technical Data
  Closed fire box
Total heat output kW 14.5
Efficiency % 86
Water heating capacity kW 9.5
Space heating capability m2 250
Volume flow of combustion products g/s 12
Flue-gas temperature °C 211
Min. feed pressure at nom. heat output Pa 10
Fuel   wood (beech logs)
Fuel consumption per hour kg/h 4
CO emission in burnt gas
(in relation to 13% O2)
% 0.07
Smoke flue diameter mm 200
Weight kg 255

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