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Ground Probes

What does Geothermal mean?

temperature devolpment throughout a year
Geothermal heat (geothermal power) is
low tempered energy, which is stored in
the ground. This energy is renewed constantly
by solar radiation and heat of the earth's core.
In our lines of latitude, a steady temperature of
around 19┬░C in 15 - 20 m ground depth is waiting
to be harvested.

How ground probes work

How can we use this energy free of charge?

The connection to the earth's energy source will be guaranteed through the FRANK Geothermal
System. Geothermal probes are installed vertically into the ground as shown above.

A cold heat transfer medium circulates through the probes, absorbs the geothermal energy from
the ground and dispenses it to a heat pump. The heat pump increases the provided temperature
via a thermodynamic process and delivers the heat to a buffer tank for heating and hot water.

Heat pumps transform geothermal energy by using 1 kWh of electricity into 5 kWh of usable heat
e.g. you can cover 100% of your heat requirements by 20% energy input.

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PKS - Thermpipe Collector

PKS-Thermpipe By using the PKS-Thermpipe®-System, industrial and private
buildings can be heated cost-effectively with energy from
sewage and geothermal power of the pipeline zone.

A novel plastic spiral pipe allows using the energy potential of
soil and sewage simultaneously, making this system
independent of irregular waste water discharges

The temperature of sewage averages around 20 °C throughout
the year. Even moderate lengths of pipelines can be sufficient to
supply modern buildings with enough energy.

Available in lengths of 3 and 6m, DN 300 to DN 2000.

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Manifolds & Manholes

Modular Plastic Manifolds

Manifold one Manifold two

Prefabricated Manholes with Manifolds

Manhole one Manhole two

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