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Kyasol - Product Overview 2015
All systems Kyasol has to offer in one product brochure

Download(pdf) - 3.5MB


Water Solutions

Rainwater Harvesting Solutions
The complete rainwater harvesting range from our supplier
GRAF in Germany

Download(pdf) - 10.6MB
Wastewater Treatment Solutions
The complete wastewater range from our supplier
GRAF in Germany

Download(pdf) - 6.3MB
Stormwater Management Solutions
The complete stormwater range from our supplier
GRAF in Germany

Download(pdf) - 16.8MB
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Heat Sources

Mitsubishi ECODAN Product brochure
The frequency controlled heat pump with heating, cooling
and hot water mode

Download(pdf) - 638kB
Geothermal Heat pump Brochure
Harvest the energy from the ground with IDM
geothermal heat pumps

Download(pdf) - 1.0MB
Solar Thermal heating and hot water Brochure
Heat your hot water and underfloor heating using free
radiation from the sun

Download(pdf) - 3.8MB
Water based Fireplaces
Extract and use the thermal energy otherwise wasted
through the chimney

Download(pdf) - 1.8MB
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Space Heating

Screeded Floor heating
The standard floor heating system with high density polystyrene
underneath and screed above

Download(pdf) - 1.6MB
Fibre Gypsum floor heating (retrofit)
The floor heating system mainly for rennovations or
where a low floor buildup is critical

Download(pdf) - 649kB
Plastered Wall heating/ cooling
Surround yourself with warmth by turning your walls into
heat exchangers with hidden pipes under the plaster

Download(pdf) - 1.6MB
Fibre Gypsum wall & ceiling heating/ cooling
Retrofit a wall heating system on your existing walls or
turn your suspended ceiling into an exchanger surface

Download(pdf) - 3.2MB
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