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Power Metering

Single Phase | Three Phase | Transmitter Modules

Single Phase Energy Meter

single phase transmitter modules
Instantaneous values of consumption.
Total loss consumption values.
Available in 32A and 65A units.
Standby loss of only 0.3 watt.
Consumption history on certain units only.
Consumption memory of 24 years on certain
units only.
DB mounted
SO interface on certain models.
EVA & WSZ Data sheet
| Operation Manuals - EVA12 | WSZ12B

Three Phase Energy Meter

three phase transmitter module
Maximum current 3 x 65A
CT operated meter with set CT ratio.
Low standby loss (04 watt)
DB mounted
Digital display.
Dual tariff function.
SO interface supported.
Consumption history.
DSZ Data sheet
| Operation Manual

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Transmitter Modules

Wireless Energy Transmitter Module

wireless energy transmitter module
Transmitter module for SO interface.
Load shedding relay (NO, 4A/250 V AC)
Exchangeable antenna
DB mounted
Instantaneous consumption display
Total consumption display
kWh and MWh display values
FSS Data sheet
| Operation Manual

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Single Phase Transmitter Modules

Single Phase Transmitter Modules
Maximum current 16A
DB mounted
Non-volatile memory
Low standby loss (0.3 watt)

FWZ Data sheet |
Operation Manuals - FWZ61 | FWZ12

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