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Bus System Receivers


Bidirectional Bus System Transceivers for PC Interface

Bidirectional bus system transceivers are used to connect to
controlling devices allowing them to receive and transmit wireless signals.

FAM-USB BUs System Receiver


The wireless receiver and transmitter with USB port FAM-USB can
operate a PC in conjunction with the Wireless Visualization & Control
Software FVS.
USB port 2.0 with 1m connecting cable.
Internal antenna and additional socket to connect an external antenna.
Dimensions: 78mm x 39mm and 22mm high.

FAM-USB Operation Manual
BSC-BAP Bus system receiver


The BSC-BAP with LAN Access Point is a bidirectional gateway that
sends and receives the wireless signals and converts it for network
systems, web based applications and Ethernet supported controllers.
The BSC-BAP is used for LAN and mobile connections and supports
250 wireless sensors and 10 IP cameras. Using the FVS-Professional
software. (Office & commercial buildings)
| BSC-BAP Data sheet

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Other Bus System Transceivers Gateways

The STC65-FTT with LON interface FTT10A
The STC65-RS485 EVC with serial interface RS435, bidirectional
interface "Multiple Access".
The STC65-RS485 MODBUS with serial interface RS485, MODBUS
The SRC62-BACnet for BACnet bus. (Only a receiver)
The SRC-Knx EIB for connection of wireless sensors and switches
to EIB/KNX bus. (Only a receiver)
| STC65 Data sheet

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