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Smart Building

tablet phone laptop

User Interface

wireless signal wired signal
LOXONE MiniServer
Wireless Sensing
Wireless Sensor 1 Wireless Sensor 2
Wireless Sensor 3 Wireless Sensor 4
Wireless Switches
Wireless Switch Wireless Switch
remote Wireless Switch
  Monitor & Control
  Light Control
  LED DImming
  LED Colour Control
  Room Temperature
  Blinds Control
  Weather Station
  Security System
  IP Cameras
  Irrigation System
  Rainwater Pump
  Pool Pump
rooms signals
  Room 1   Room 2   Room 6   Room 7   Up to 10 rooms wireless Air-play up to 10 rooms  
  Room 1   Room 2   Room 6   Room 7...   Room 16  
Listen to songs from existing Mac or PC iTunes® libraries or your Mircosoft® Windows® Media Player library
Access music on multiple iPods without needing proprietary docking stations
Catch Internet radio using Spotify™,™, Grooveshark™, SHOUTcast™ and TuneIn™
Using tuners, listen to SiriusXM satelite radio, HD and traditional AM/FM radio
Listen to music from iPod touches, iPhones, iPads or iTunes on Macs or PCs in any room
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