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CT-8 Multi-room Music System

An easy-to-use, multi-room music solution, the CasaTunes® Music System brings
audio harmony to every household. The CT-8 has 8 streams of music, 2 external
inputs and stereo outputs for 8 rooms. Any room can listen to any stream
- CasaTunes enables everyone to listen to the songs they love and achieve the
atmosphere they desire. You can also add multiple wireless rooms to either
system using CasaTunes Air.
CT-8 Mulit-room Music System

Deliver music with hassle-free service.

CasaTunes CT Music Systems can be easily upgraded and maintained – without a service
visit. If software upgrades or customer support
is needed, dealers can handle everything
remotely, allowing for timely service with no
hassle or wait times and minimal impact on
your customers.

Experience the ultimate in versatility.

CasaTunes CT Music Systems can be used
in both PC- and Mac- based environments.
Through an easy-to-use interface, listeners
control their music with all major web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Chrome), Android smartphones and tablets,
iOS-based devices (iPod® touch, iPhone®
and iPad®) and CasaTunes in-wall keypads.
CT-8 rear view
Couple on couch  
  Woman in lounge

CT-AMP-1240 12-Channel Amplifier

Delivering superior audiophile sound quality and performance, the CasaTunes®
CT-AMP-1240 12-Channel Amplifier is designed to work perfectly with the easy-to-use,
multi-room music systems from CasaTunes. With our CasaTunes 12-Channel Amplifier,
every song will strike the perfect chord – each and every time – from one room up to 24.
CT-8 Mulit-room Music System


The CasaTunes CT-AMP-1240 12-Channel Amplifier is warranted for a period of one
year. The warranty is limited to manufacturer
defects, either in materials or workmanship.
CasaTunes is not responsible for any
consequential and inconsequential damage
to any other unit or component or the cost
for installation or extraction of any
component of the audio system.

Easily integrate into the multi-room audio solution.

The CasaTunes CT-AMP-1240 12-Channel Amplifier features friendly setup and connections, and only requires minimal dealer configuration. Once configured, listeners can use the built-in capabilities of the CasaTunes CT Music System to control volume, balance, and other equalization settings without needing to adjust the amplifier settings.
CT-AMP-1240 rear view
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