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one2clean – Wastewater Treatment System

 Two reservoir system

one2clean wastewater treatment
one2clean - System Controls set-up kit
System control Set-up kit

Up to 99% cleaning effeicency
Immediate wastewater treatment prevents odours
Up to 18 persons per system possible
Safe discharge into water resource or usage for irrigation

 How the system works

Stage 1
1.Wastewater treatment
The waster water arrives directly in the bilogical zone
without the need for pumping processes. Aeration of
entire container leads to immediate waste water
activation. The micro-organisms begin with the biological
cleaning process without delay.
Stage 2
2.Settling phase
Aeration is interrupted by the control unit, the activate
sludge sinks to the bottom. A clear water zone develops
in teh upper part of the container.

Stage 3
3.Clear water extraction
The treated clear water is extracted from the system and
the cleaning process can begin once more.

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Septic Tank System - Anaerobix

 Simple and cost effective

Water Infiltration
  Anearobix Filter -
  Additional bio-active
  surface for improved
  cleaning performance

Anaerobix is the new low-cost cleaning syste replacing standard
septic tanks
The bio-reactor, filled with PVC mesh material increases the cleaning
performance of a standard septic tank sevaral times over
The large surface of the bacteria friendly, recyclable plastic carrier
material allows the bio film responsible for the cleaning process to
cover a larger area
Works completely without electricity

 The benefits of the anaerobic system at a glance

1 Much better cleaning performance than standard septic tanks
Cleaning performance over 90%, PIA certified (Testing Institute for
Wastewater Technology, Aachen, Germany)
2 No electrical power consumed, no mechanical components
(e.g. pumps, float switches, etc.)
3 Simple to install with standard 110mm PVC pipes
4 Largely maintenance-free
5 Installation in proven GRAF tanks
6 Very good value for money
Anaerobix - Data sheet (pdf)
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SBR wastewater treatment system - Klaro Easy

 Inclusive power failure recognition

Water Infiltration
  System control

No live parts need to be installed in the tank
All movement processes are performed by three air lift pumps
Compressor provides the plate ventilator with air
Low maintenance components

 How the system works

Stage 1
1.Charging phase
The wastewater goes into the 1st chamber for primary
treatment, where the solid substances are retained. From
there, the wastewater is fed into the SBR reservoir
(2nd chamber).
Stage 2
2.Aeration phase
The biological cleaning by micro-organisms now occurs in
the SBR reservoir. Short aeration and rest phases inter-
change in a controlled cleaning process. The so-called
activated sludge can now develop with millions of micro-
organisms and clean the water thoroughly.

Stage 3
3.Rest phase
A rest now follows, during which the sludge sinks to the
bottom of the system. This allows a clarified water zone to
form at the top of the SBR reservoir.
Stage 4
4.Sewage water draw-off
The purified wastewater can now be fed into a discharge
system or into an infiltration system. Afterwards, the sludge
is fed back from the SBR reservoir into the 1st chamber.
Klaro Easy - Data sheet (pdf)

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