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System Components

Municiple Switch-over Device | Fine Filter

Municipal Switch-over Device

Domestic Applications

Munciple Switch over device
General Specs
Max water temp 400°C
Max continuous pump flow 100 l/m
Max pump pressure 800 kPa
Max mains inlet opressure 800kPA
This is an Automatic Rainwater/Mains Water changeover device designed to provide
automatic mains back up for Pressure Pump supply systems.
Supplies clean water from arainwater tank and associated pressure pump system,
to toilets, laundry, garden taps and household.
The float switch supplied, prevents the pumps from running dry and allows automatic
switch over to mains supply.
The pump is vertually silent but may emit noises associated with the flow of
water throught the unit.
Ensure that water flowing through the unit is as free from dirt and foreign matter
as conditions may allow.

Installation Dimensions

Munciple switch-over Device installaion dimensions

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Fine Filter

With 'Backwash' option

Fine Filter with backwash option
General Specs
Operating pressure min 2 bar, max 16 bar
Operating temp max 30°C
Mounting position any, main axis of filter
Fluid potable water
Mesh width lower: 90 μm, upper 125 μm
Flow rate DN 20: 1.44m³/h at 0.2 bar Δp
DN 25: 2.3m³/h at 0.2 bar Δp
DN 20: 2.3m³/h at 0.5 bar Δp
DN 25: 3.6m³/h at 0.5 bar Δp
The fine filter is a filtering valve for potable water and its very comact construction
form also allows it to protect single appliances such as dish washers, water heaters etc.
Available in connection size DN 20 and DN 25.
The filter cap is made of shock resistant synthetic material and the filetr insert of
synthetic material. All materials used are state of the art.
The filter should be installed directly behind the water metering device and be readily accessble.
A maintenance indicator positioned on top of the filter indicates when a service is due. The
filter should be backwashed every two months at least.


Fine Filter Dimensions
Normal size   DN 20 DN 25
  A G1"
Dimensions H(mm) 273 273
  L(mm) 169 169
  I(mm) 95 95
  T(mm) 115 115

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